Speaking & Workshops

As a speaker, I am known for my ability to captivate a room, provide valuable, useful information and leave attendees with actionable, easy-to-implement takeaways. 

In addition to my signature workshop, How to Follow Your Heart, I design and facilitate customized, interactive workshops for small groups (10 – 20) and large (100+) audiences. Some of my most requested topics include: 

– Finding Clarity How to Say Yes to the Right Opportunities for You and Your Business

– When Your Dream Job Is No Longer Your Dream Job 

– Creative Writing in a Digital World

How To Follow Your Heart

How To Follow Your Heart is my signature keynote and workshop experience. During it, I lead attendees through a series of reflective exercises to reconnect to what it is they truly desire and move closer to that vision in their professional and personal lives through specific, concrete action. I also incorporate a movement exercise that allows participants to reconnect with their physical selves and better tap into their true desires and values.

“I hired Brielle to speak with about 15 women feeling lost and generally uninterested in their careers and lives. Out of all the experts that came in to speak during the workshop series, Brielle’s workshop captivated the group the most. She has an incredible way of sharing her personal experience vulnerably and authentically while delivering specific and useful information about branding, marketing, and general business strategies that can be applied across all areas of your life. The women could not stop talking about the workshop!”

– Marisa LaValette, Life Coach

What To Expect From My Workshops 

  • Straightforward, easy to understand language. Marketers tend to use a lot of jargon and industry terms that feel overwhelming and intimidating to someone just getting started. I explain important marketing and business concepts with plain English so entrepreneurs and freelancers at every stage of their journey can grasp and apply these concepts to their ventures. 

  • Interaction and engagement. I believe we learn best by doing and engaging with real-life examples, so I structure my workshops in a way that allows attendees to reflect and respond to the different concepts I cover, as well as practice applying them to their unique idea, audience, and industry. I’ll ask for audience participation during my talk, have attendees reflect and write throughout, and give one-on-one or small group feedback. 

  • Passion! I love teaching people about marketing, supporting them in their entrepreneurship journeys, and seeing them shift ideas and habits to create professional and personal lives aligned with what they truly desire. My enthusiasm always comes across in my workshops. Moreover, in addition to the marketing and business mentorship work that I do, I’m a professional dancer and thus very comfortable “on stage” –– I’ve performed in front of and taught master classes for hundreds of people at one time. I know how to capture an audience’s attention, share information in a memorable way, and make the experience fun.

Interested in having me at your next event? Please email hello@briellefriedman.com with a little info about what you are looking for!