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A must-read—even if you don’t identify as an artist!
I firmly believe this book should be required reading in every school everywhere. It is filled with direct, digestible, and powerful tools that will unlock your inner artist and help you reach new levels in all of your creative endeavors. This is one of the most common books I recommend for private clients who are finding it challenging to promote themselves/their services and show up online authentically.
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This book contains eye-opening wisdom and practical resources from clinical psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera (@the.holistic.psychologist) to help you create meaningful change and break free of destructive challenges on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. If you find yourself reacting emotionally to events, feeling out of control, and even ashamed about your behavior after the fact…if you struggle to keep promises to yourself or to make new habits…or find it difficult to express your needs and wants (🙋‍♀️), this book will show you not only how your body and mind learned (and became addicted) to these destructive patterns, but also how to heal from them and create new, healthy how you can change them—and your life—in the process.
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This book was so powerful for me, I made an entire YouTube video about it (watch it here). Don’t be fooled by the title––while it is in a book (and course) about calling in your future romantic partner, to do so Katherine Woodward Thomas guides you along a powerful journey of self-discovery and forgiveness. You’ll learn how to identify and release patterns that are keeping you stuck in your love life, build self-sovereignty, and start showing up for yourself in a way that will attract the kind of great, lasting love you desire. I’ve done a lot of personal growth work over the years, and I feel like I grew the most during the 3-ish months it took me to complete the course than I have in the past 5 years combined.
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