Single Coaching Session

$320.00 $200.00

A combination of coaching, strategy, and intuition to meet you where you are and support you in moving forward. These longer sessions provide you with tools, structure, and support, so you can deepen your relationship with yourself and show up more fully in other areas of your life. A clear follow-up email helps you put into practice everything that comes up during our session together.


While each and every coaching session is tailored to the exact client and their needs, most sessions follow a similar structure: 
Part 1: Finding Clarity & Alignment 
  • We begin by finding clarity in the specific area you would like to address. To do this, I tune into your energy and use my strategic agility, reflecting back to you the patterns and common threads I’m seeing, and pointing out any significant (often unsaid) information and connections. 
  • This part of our work together usually takes 20 – 30 minutes and is very similar to the work we do during a Clarity Reading. 
  • *If you are booking a Single Coaching Session after having done a Clarity Reading with me, we can skip this part and jump right into Part 2.*
Part 2: Taking Aligned Action
  • Next, I help you turn that clarity into specific action steps to bring your vision to life. 
  • If we are focusing on your career, business, or creativity, this is often where I will often bring in my brand, marketing, and messaging expertise, taking on the role of your strategic business advisor, content strategist, or operations manager. I may jump in to write some copy with you, create a process system, or outline a marketing campaign. 
  • If we are focusing on your life or interpersonal relationships, I will continue to act as a coach, sharing tailored-for-you practices and tools to support you, holding space, asking you the hard questions, and holding you accountable. 
Part 3: Follow-Up
  • After every Single Coaching Session, I send a follow-up email outlining everything we covered during our call and articulate takeaways and next steps.
Single Coaching Sessions are 60-minutes long and take place over Zoom. They can be scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Please use this link to schedule your Single Coaching Session.
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