Get ready to connect more deeply with yourself and your partner during this intimate movement experience. 

We’ll start by creating a safe, intimate space for you to connect (think soft lighting and alluring incense). This will allow you to let go of stress and leave behind tasks and responsibilities. Next, I’ll lead you through a warm-up movement sequence to open your body and clear your mind.

Then, I’ll guide you through a series of movement and dance-based activities that help you connect with your physical self and release tension and fear. We will focus on finding joy and confidence in your body, and then sharing that through movement with your partner in a way that feels authentically you.

*After booking, you will be emailed a link to schedule your session along with a short questionnaire to help me get to know you and your partner. Every partnership is different and every movement session is different. These sessions are designed to help you more fully connect with your body and use the power of dance to release judgmental energy, so you can show up more fully with your partner and go deeper in all aspects of your relationship. This is not a sexual experience in any way.