Do you work from home? I’ve been working remotely for two years now and the biggest thing I’ve learned is how important it is to get up and get ready like I’m going into an office.

Because I am! That office just happens to be a few feet away from me instead of across the city.

On days when I don’t do this, when I instead stay in bed for a little too long and then finally make my way out into the living room and open up my computer in my pajamas, I hate working from home.

Six o’clock hits and I realize I haven’t brushed my teeth, or showered, and now it’s dark outside and I never even saw the sun.

My exact morning routine varies, but it always involves drinking a big glass of water, coffee (my favorite is Philz Coffee. I order it online and make it in a CHEMEX drip every morning.), listening to music, and journaling for a few minutes.

What’s your trick for working from home? Do you have a specific morning routine?