If you’ve ever experienced feeling burnt out, then you know it’s not an enjoyable state to be in. Often characterized as “a state of mental and physical exhaustion that can zap the joy out of your career, friendships, and family interactions,” feeling burnt out makes basic tasks (like getting out of bed in the morning or sorting through your work inbox) conjure up feelings of dread or apathy.

Since experiencing a severe case of this disastrous state back in 2017, I’ve become captivated with finding daily practices and strategies that prevent me from feeling burnt out and help me feel happier and more energized on a daily basis. Below are the three things I do to ward off this disastrous state and make sure I am spending my time, money, and energy in alignment with my values, goals, and belief systems.

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avoid feeling burnt out with these 3 practices

Do These Three Things To Avoid Feeling Burnt Out

1. Build Energy Awareness ⚡

Grab a notebook (or create a note on your phone ) and start to write down how you feel as you go about your day.

When it comes to work, take note of the projects you’re excited to take on versus the ones you dread. When are you in your flow? What (or who) really irks you or makes you feel exhausted after just a few minutes?

You are working on building energy awareness in this step, so notice with curiosity and without judgment.

2. Analyze Your Findings 🔎

Take a few minutes every evening, and then once a week, to read through your observations and draw conclusions from this new data you’ve collected about yourself and your work.

This step is all about digging into specifics and understand the “why,” so dig deep to draw insights that will help you get to the core of your emotional compass. On the surface, two people may find that the same thing fuels them up (like working on a creative project) but when they dig deeper, they discover two very different reasons why they enjoy that thing (one likes having quiet time to themselves throughout the day to think, write, and create…whereas the other enjoys the collaboration and inspiration they feel while brainstorming with a group).

3.Choose ONE Tiny Action to Take ➡️

What is one thing you can do right now, today, to let go of the things, people, or experiences that are draining your energy and make space for the ones that will fuel you up?

Commit to taking that one small action.

It could be as simple as cutting off that one coworker who always has something negative to say. Or shutting your computer at exactly 5 pm because you’ve already been there since 9 am and you really, really want to sign on for that live workout class you’ve been telling yourself you’d go to all week.

Small changes over time lead to big results, so instead of focusing on all the things you can’t change right now, commit to making one small change every week for a month.

By the end, not only will you love your professional life a whole lot more, you’ll feel happier and more energized in the other areas of your life too.

➠ What other tools, strategies, and practices do you use to avoid feeling burned out? Please share them below so we can all learn and grow!