Brand Identity & Strategy

Running your business without a clear, cohesive brand identity is kind of like trying to find the door in a dark room–challenging, utterly exhausting, and easily prone to bruising.
That’s because your brand identity is at the core of everything you do as a business owner and entrepreneur. It’s the foundation of your marketing strategy, your guide to decision-making (Should we work with this partner? Take on this client? Launch this new service?), and the most powerful tool in ensuring your success working with creatives like copywriters, graphic designers, and web designers.
Whether you’re scaling your business or just getting started, knowing how to clearly and powerfully communicate your message and the value you bring through your services changes everythingSo let’s clarify your message and communicate it with confidence so you can show up online in a way that feels good and build a business that supports the life you want to live.
Let’s Talk
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How does your Brand Identity Package work?

I lead you through a series of exercises to identify and align your brand’s core values. From there, I build out a clear brand identity and unified messaging strategy delivered into a comprehensive Brand Guide and Brand Story you can use long after our work together is done. We’ll also review your website structure and social profile descriptions to make sure your value proposition is crystal clear to your target market, and do some work to refine the messaging of any of your digital content marketing efforts. Finally, I’ll build out your Brand Pillars and show you exactly how to translate them into powerful digital content to attract dream clients and professional opportunities.
You’ll walk away from our work together with…
  • A unique Brand Identity, including your brand promise, colors, pillars, and positioning
  • Deep understanding of your core values and the message you want to share with the world through your business
  • A powerful Brand Story you feel good about sharing online and IRL
  • Clear definition of who you want to serve and how to speak to your ideal client
  • Several pieces of authentic content that share your ideas and knowledge in a powerful, attention-grabbing way
  • Deep worth and confidence in yourself as a business owner and the value you bring
What’s Included: 
  • Vision Workbook
  • Initial Design Call (90-minutes)
  • 6 Breakthrough Strategy Sessions (60-minutes each!)
  • Access to my Digital Resource Library with proven trainings, worksheets, and templates for business and career development and growth
  • Custom Brand Identity, Professional Bio, and Elevator Pitch

About Me

My entrepreneurial journey began all the way back in college when I won Brown University’s prestigious business plan competition for the brand strategy and marketing plan I developed. I went on to direct marketing at a global travel company where I helped triple annual revenue to $36m and established the brand as the leader within the teen travel space—all while competing at Salsa dance competitions across North America. 
A brand is a creative vision brought to life—and it’s my specialty. My approach to branding is simple: to share what you do in the most authentic, most powerful way possible, so you can make genuine connections and grow your business faster. I’ve helped big brands like Awesomeness TV and fashion designer Rachel Roy to solopreneurs launching their business for the first time.


Brielle Friedman - digital editor, brand strategist, professional dancer
“I have never felt so seen or so heard while working with a brand consultant before! Brielle is an incredibly gifted storyteller with an uncanny ability to find the underlying thread that unites the seemingly disparate pieces of what you want your brand to represent. Not only did she capture the story I wanted to tell, but she also uncovered hidden beliefs I had that were holding me and my business back from the kind of growth I so desperately wanted!”
— Brooklyn Decker, Entreprenuer + Designer