Marketing  & Brand Strategist. Business Coach. Dancer. Actress. Director. Digital Storyteller.

I believe in big dreams, leading with your heart, and that every person deserves to wake up each day excited about the work they do and the impact they create. 

After graduating from Brown University, I turned an unknown company into an internationally recognized travel brand and nearly tripled revenue to $36M—all while competing in dance competitions across North America.
On the outside, it seemed like I was thriving, but inside I felt burnout and apathetic about pretty much everything in my life, especially the direction of my career. Somewhere deep inside I knew I had a different dream, and while this life was pretty good, I wanted more.
So I embarked on a personal journey to reconnect with myself and consciously create a life I was excited about living.
I got honest about wanting dance to be something more than a weekend hobby and became a Salsa world champion dancer. I started using my brand and marketing expertise to help professionals transition into entrepreneurship, grow their ventures, become industry leaders, and enjoy being visible online and IRL.
Along the way, I discovered how the stories we tell—about ourselves, our abilities, our goals, and our dreams—powerfully shape the lives, careers, and businesses we create. And I saw firsthand that when you give yourself permission to do the damn thing you’ve spent most of your life avoiding because other people, society, etc., made you feel like it wasn’t good enough, or you shouldn’t or, couldn’t do it, magical things start to happen.

Which led me here…

Today I help business owners launch and scale their ventures through 1:1 business coaching, brand consulting, and marketing strategy.
I write about relationships, charting your own path, and following big dreams in a monthly newsletter and share my journey
And I use what I’ve learned from following my own dreams to help others rediscover their passions and take risks to bring their ideas and desires to life.
Sunshine, good coffee, and getting on a plane make me happy. Guatemala has a special place in my heart and I will never pass up freshly baked bread. I believe deeply in human connection, in the power of movement, and in leading with your heart.
If you’d like to learn more about working with me as a coach or consultant, please schedule a complimentary intro call here. You can also book a single Clarity Session or Strategy Intensive, or enroll in my Personal Branding Masterclass or Lead With Your Heart Intensive via the Shop page of my website here.
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